12 Survival Stocking Stuffers

12 Survival Stocking Stuffers

Today we begin a tradition of posting annual lists of survival stocking stuffers and prepper Christmas gifts, inspired by a favorite men’s interest blog of ours. We’ll start the tradition with 12 (for 2012) trending survival gear items and tools small enough to fit in a stocking. After all, what would please the prepper in your life more than a sock-full of practical survival gear?


Survival Stocking Stuffers

This list includes everyday carry items, knives and various gear sure to make your favorite prepper’s Christmas worth remembering this year.


Start with a stocking… but not just any stocking – go with the LA Police Gear MOLLE Elite Tactical Christmas Stocking! This tactical sock isn’t merely about aesthetics; the MOLLE system is functional, and you can mount a whole myriad of survival gear directly to the outside – even adding pouches – making making this one versatile Christmas stocking

 Pocket Knife

Trends in consumerism as of late show a revival of classicism. Nothing to complain about at all… in fact, it’s a good thing. What’s more beautiful than a basic and streamlined pocketknife from Opinel? Opinel’s humble beginnings took place over a century ago in France by blacksmith Joseph Opinel. Enter the Opinel Carbon Blade No.8 folding garden knife. This is still the same design and carbon blade originated in 1890, since referred to as a peasants knife for its simplistic character and high affordability. At under twelve dollars, one could still call it a simple man’s blade, but we call it one awesome little stocking stuffer. $11.95

Survival Knife

Survival knives are essential for bug out bags, glove boxes and anywhere else you can stash a spare blade for emergencies. The knife should be large enough for some heavy blade work such as chopping, strong enough for (*cringe) stabbing, and small enough for some carving. You want a carbon blade, full tang steel, a high quality sheath and a sturdy pummel. You also want affordable, as this is a survival stocking stuffer list – so you want the Ontario U.S. Military Issue survival knife This knife is constructed wholly in America by Ontario Knife Company. It’s been issued to various American and Canadian forces for decades, and has proven its worth as a capable knife. And for forty dollars it proves its worth as a survival stocking stuffer. $39.99

Knife Sharpening Kit

What good would these blades be without a sharpening stone? We have the perfect response to that question; another question: Why not a sharpening system? We at Geared Magazine recommend the Smith’s 2-Stone Sharpening Kit (medium/fine). Accept no imitations. This is the same sharpening system Geared Magazine editor Bruce Allan West has owned for almost twenty years. He used in the Boy Scouts during his youth, and even took it with him to the middle-east to sharpen his Ontario blade (and various SOG knives too, because he’s a SOG snob). Pick one up for the survivalist in your life for under thirty-six dollars. $35.99

5 in 1 Tool Kit

Packing multi-purpose items in your bug out bag is one of the most effective means of shaving weight while increasing your survivability.  This 5 in 1 Tool Kit from Camping Survival gets you one step closer to a streamlined pack. It offers a compass, whistle, waterproof match box, fire starter flint and a signal mirror all on a lanyard. Just add matches. $4.99 


When matches and lighters fail, the Light My Fire original Swiss Army FireSteel will “light your fire.” This fire starter provides a 2,980° C spark for up to 12,000 strikes, giving you fire no matter the where  in the world you are, as often as you need it. Find some kindling and set your fire ablaze. $15.12

Editors note: Check out this Swedish FireSteel Mini from Camping Survival. It lasts up to 1,000 strikes, or a fire a day for almost five years! Even more awesome, its only less than seven dollars! $6.95


The importance of a small high quality tactical flashlight cannot be emphasized enough. They’re good for gaining an advantage while defending yourself at night, for finding your trail in the dark woods – and even to keep in your glovebox for those “you never know” moments. Streamlite has made a name for itself as makers of high quality tactical flashlights fitting almost every budget. Their LED Streamlight ProTac 2L, only forty dollars, is water-proof and serves up 180 lumens of light. They’re made of black anodized aluminum, making them light and durable while blending in to almost any environment. Pick one up for your prepper loved one and they’ll own the night. $40.00

Grappling Hook

The element of surprise is one of the most ideal tactics to gain the advantage in an assault. In a fallen society, no one would expect you to enter their lair from the roof! The Capewell Retractable Grappling Hook gives you the ability to storm a fortress from the top down, and provides a safe means of egress from a third story window. This grappling hook was designed by the military for soldiers, and it certainly does its job – this is no cartoon toy. Pick one up for your tactical prepper and they’ll never again be able to say, “I can’t enter from the roof.” (Unless we’re talking high-rise). $150.00

Camp Stove

Again with the multi-purpose survival gear…. Enter the BioLite CampStove. This disaster preparedness / backpackers’ dream is more than a mere stove. Nay, the twig-powered camp stove doubles as a USB charging station. That’s right, a backpacking stove meets twig-powered USB charger. Sounds sci-fi, but it’s real and it works. Pack it along on your next trip in the woods to ensure you have energy on demand when your batteries weaken, and cook some stew while you wait. Keep it on hand for the next blackout inducing winter storm and stay warm, fed and reachable by phone. Twigs not included. (Editors note: you may have to get creative to fit this in your loved-one’s tactical stocking – don’t forget the MOLLE). $129.00

Every Day Carry Kit

Preparedness is so much more than bug out bags and well-stocked pantries; you may not be near either when disaster strikes, and you’ll have to rely on your every day carry gear. For this you need the Kaufmann Mercantile EDC Kit. This titanium key ring full of tools fits unnoticeably in your pocket and boasts a lighter, tweezers, screwdriver keys and a pry bar. We really can’t stress the use of multi-purpose survival stocking stuffers. Stuff this in your favorite prepper’s Christmas sock and expect warm hugs – just tell them Geared Magazine suggested it so they can spread some love our way. $44.00

First Aid

First aid gear is essential for every prep – but most pre-made kits have come with the same bandaids and Benadryl you’ve come to expect. Why not get your favorite survivalist someone a little something special in the first aid department? They’ll thank you for the complete universal surgical kit from Voodoo tactical, and its scissors, probe, sutures, scalpel, hemostat, pen light, tweezers, alcohol pads and ointment packed in a military pack cloth. $22.99

Solar Radio

When you need a survival radio where energy efficiency and multi-functionality are key (and the always are), you need the Eton Raptor. Why? It’s a solar powered AM/FM/WB digital radio tuner that broadcasts NOAA weather alerts, with 10 AM and 10 FM station presets. It has a digital display boasting a chronograph clock with alarm, altimeter, barometer and compass, as well as a battery charge indicator and solar charge indicator. It has an audio line input and a DC input (5V, 500mA) with included mini-USB plug. It runs on a 1800mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery – Oh! And it has a bottle opener! $100.00


Happy Holidays!

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas season. Tell us your survival stocking stuffer plans. What are you buying your loved ones for Christmas? What are you hoping to get from them? Leave a comment below.

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  1. FireMan December 5, 2012

    i’m a pretty big fan of the classic zippo. cant go wrong with that. gotten one in my stocking most years. of coarse, i’m pretty good about losing them.

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    1. DropkickRik May 4, 2013

      Everyone love a zippo, except for when it runs out of fluid. A good fire starter is a must. Zippo fluid will take up valuable space in your BOB.

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  2. survivalSteve December 5, 2012

    No classic Buck knives? You can get a buck for cheap, and they make a great stocking stuffer. I bought one for each of my boys’ stockings this Christmas.

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  3. Sahil December 11, 2012

    Good call on the Opinel, I’m planning to order one soon to try out. They’re so cheap and they’ve been around so long.

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  4. pkirkland December 18, 2012

    where can I purchase the complete universal surgical kit from Voodoo tactical for the price listed on this site? I want to order it but can’t find any site with that sweet price.

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  5. DropkickRik May 4, 2013

    I have used the Light My Fire original Swiss Army FireSteel and it is worth it’s wieght in gold.

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