Reaper Outdoors: Smith Optics Elite

Reaper Outdoors: Smith Optics Elite

Reaper Outdoors:  Survive the Hunt

Smith Optics Elite: Gear Review

Protective eye wear is some of the most important gear I use.  I choose Smith Optics because of the build quality and their gear is comfortable to wear.  They have many styles of shooting glasses to choose from, goggles, Lo-pro with fan, Sun Glasses (ballistic), field and range kits.  I have personally used the Aegis ARC Deluxe Kit, Tactical Regulator, and Tactical Lifestyle eye-pro.


Aegis ARC Deluxe Kit:  This kit fits comfortable and has various interchangeable lenses for different lighting situations.  As the light changes on the range or in the field, with this kit, you have the ability to change with it.  They glasses have  a large area of coverage and breathe very well, so fogging up isn’t an issue. The Aegis ARC Deluxe Kit offers great eye relief in a variety of lighting conditions.  Solid protection while  shooting and a comfortable fit that still allows for had gear, such as, hats, helmets and ear-pro.

Tactical Regulator Goggles:  These goggles will save not only your eyes but also your sanity.  The fan cools you when the weather is hot or when you are exerting yourself, running and gunning, skiing, or jumping.  The goggles fit well, molding properly to your nose and head shape and has a low enough profile that it fits very comfortable under a helmet or hat.


Tactical Lifestyle:  These are everyday looking sunglasses, but there is nothing normal about them.  They look stylish and offer great ballistic protection while shooting and moving.  They are built to far exceed the minimum requirement for eye protection.  I like that you can wear them all day and be protected from the harmful rays of the sun and any unexpected impacts to your eyes.


Smith Optics has several styles of Tactical Lifestyle Sunglasses to choose from: Hideout, Chamber, Director, Lockwood, and Hudson.  They come in different color lenses; Gray, Ignitor (My Personal Favorite), polarized gray, brown polar, and clear.  Reaper02 and I share “Hideout” as our favorite style in these glasses; they fit the best with the geometry of my nose, face, and head.  They don’t slip down my nose or cause a headache when I am wearing a helmet, ear pro, or hats.  They don’t fog or hold sweat.  The coverage is complete and really does a great job of protecting your eyes when moving through heavy brush.  Reaper 03’s favorite is the Lockwood tactical sunglasses.


Bottom Line: The Reaper Team chooses to protect our eyes with Smith Optics Elite tactical sunglasses and goggles.


To learn more about Smith Optics Elite Sunglasses check out their website  . Also, follow them at @smith_elite.

Reaper Team…. Out.

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