REI Novara Gotham Bike – 2012

REI Novara Gotham Bike – 2012

City bikes of today are evolving again, no longer strictly the track bikes of yesterday, or the road bike that proceeded them. Today’s commuter bikes are about form, function, AND comfort. You can find all three in REI’s Novara Gotham.

Why a bicycle on a survival and preppers site? If SHTF you’re going to need to be in shape. What’s the point of storing 3 years of food if you’re so out of shape you’ll eat it in a year? Cycling gets you in shape, and being in shape is one of the best things you can do to prepare. Further, cycling is practical, and it doesn’t spend precious fossil fuel. In the end of the world as we know it fuel is going to be a hot commodity – why waste it to travel a short distance? So, why a bicycle on a survival site? Why not?

What sets the Gotham apart the most from bikes of old is the rear hub. It doesn’t have gears affixed to the outside, and it doesn’t have chunky internal gears either. No, the Gotham sports a hub designed by none other than Leonardo da Vinci. The NuVinci® N360™, manufactured by Fallbrook Technologies, is an internal geared hub, but a continually variable transmission designed by da Vinci in 1490 (though it was never implemented). In the 2000′s, Donald Miller of Fallbrook modernized da Vinci’s concept and created the NuVinci.

The beauty of the NuVinci is the quiet, smooth operation that doesn’t rely on the pressure of the chain to change gears. It’s operated via grip shifters and adjusts completely independent of the chain. In fact, the Gotham doesn’t even have a chain! It’s belt driven, meaning you can say goodbye to chain oil on your work slacks.

To create the perfect-out-of-the-box commuter bike, REI beat you to it and equipped the Gotham with all the components you would’ve added: a luggage rack; a comfortable seat; swept back, comfortable handlebars; disk brakes; alloy fenders; and even built-in lights.

This thing is the new envy of Amsterdam. Test one at your local REI – but act fast, their selling out like hot cakes.

Bruce is a former Army combat medic from the outskirts of Kansas City, MO now dwelling in the Ozarks. He is an avid outdoors-man, and is an expert in survival and improvised emergency first aid. He is a writer and entrepreneur focused on helping others prepare for nuclear winter, the zombie apocalypse, and Armageddon.

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