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About the Editor

Bruce Allan West is the owner, editor, and main writer for Geared Magazine. I (Bruce) live in Springfield, MO with my wife and three dogs – including one awesome German Shorthaired Pointer named Odin. After graduating high school in a small town outside Kansas City, MO, I joined the Army to “see the world.” I served for six years as a combat medic, including a tour of duty in Ramadi, Iraq during the surge, and working as a “Combat Lifesaver” Instructor, training over 500 US soldiers how to save lives on the battlefield in an advanced combat first responder course.

Upon exiting the military, I helped launch a news site in Springfield, MO called Local Ozarks. Having a taste for internet entrepreneurship, and being an avid outdoorsman, former military, first aid enthusiast and survival guru, I had an itch to start a survival related site of my own. Recognizing that there are countless great resources for survival knowledge on the internet already, I decided I’d focus on including reviews of excellent survival and outdoor gear in my blog, and aim to turn it into a digital magazine. Thus, Geared Magazine was born in June of 2012. It’s a work in progress, and it certainly has a long way to go – but I appreciate you dropping in.
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Geared Magazine was founded in June 2012 on a mission to educate the people of proper preparation techniques and equipment to survive disaster, large-scale war, economic collapse, or the end of the world as we know it. We want you to use our platform to share your knowledge with the world.

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